Publicerad: 2017-04-17

Digital, interactive support for healthcare professionals at Östersund Hospital

COSMIC Nova Ward, the digital, interactive support system, is now being used by the department of medicine at Östersund Hospital. The unit handles endocrinology, gastroenterology, haematology, nephrology and comprises four healthcare teams with doctors, nurses and assistant nurses, as well as physiotherapists, occupational therapists and medical secretaries. The system has approximately 70 users and the introduction of COSMIC Nova Ward is expected to contribute to more efficient workflows and greater patient safety resulting from more reliable communication.

In this photo, you can see the COSMIC Nova Ward Board, which is an interactive display that offers an instant picture of the situation on the ward and can also provide more detailed information about individual patients. The tool was developed to support staff collaboration concerning patients on the ward and uses large touchscreens located on the ward. The different views offer quick answers to daily issues and help in handovers and during rounds. Changing and adding information is also easy, and all updates are made simultaneously on all displays with the overview.

All operational procedures were analysed as part of the project, and adjusted where necessary. The system is easy to configure, and is mainly handled by the unit’s own superusers. Everyone in the unit is now working in a more uniform way and first reactions since the launch have been predominantly positive. Everything has gone according to plan and we look forward to following work as it progresses with COSMIC Nova Ward in the region.

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Cambio blev grundlagt i 1993 og har siden da leveret heldækkende it-løsninger til sundhedsorganisationer. I dag er Cambio en e-sundhedsvirksomhed, der leverer smarte, pålidelige og brugervenlige løsninger til at forbedre behandlings- og patientsikkerhed med en markedsledende position i Norden og tilstedeværelse i Storbritannien, hvilket inkluderer mere end 100.000 brugere. Vi er engageret i at forbedre sundhedsvæsenet samt patientsikkerheden.
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