Publicerad: 2017-04-17

Important milestone passed when new clinical decision support is introduced in healthcare sector

COSMIC Customer Group has approved for delivery Cambio Healthcare System’s solution for clinical decision support, CDS. This means the IT support can now be introduced by the nine healthcare providers.
Clinical decision support combines patient information from journals with evidence-based knowledge and national guidelines. The system triggers an alarm if the ongoing treatment deviates from current guidelines.
“Clinical decision support helps doctors to make the right decision. It also makes it easier to identify patients in the risk zone – patients that might otherwise have been missed,” says Bo Orlenius, healthcare director for Region Östergötland and a member of the COSMIC Customer Group.

Less suffering
Decision support can also be used to follow-up and measure adherence to established treatment guidelines. It offers an easy way to find out how many patients were under-treated or received the wrong treatment.
“This all helps to make healthcare more efficient, equal and safe for patients. This means less suffering for the individual patient, but also that the healthcare system can save time and resources,” says Bo Orlenius.
Cambio’s decision support system includes three different parts: The knowledge bank CDS Knowledge Manager, the graphic tool CDS Dashboard and the support function CDS Apps, which applies the decision support rules in the journal system.

Stroke prevention goes first
Initially, the decision support solution will focus on stroke prevention for atrial fibrillation, though several other diagnoses are in the pipeline. These include decision support for the treatment of heart failure, diabetes and prostate cancer. Some 50 different disorders will be included in Cambio’s decision support system in the long term.
“We chose to begin with stroke prevention as it concerns a large patient group where we know that many are under-treated,” explains Tomas Mora-Morrison, Head of Business Innovation at Cambio.
In work developing decision support for stroke prevention for atrial fibrillation, Cambio partnered with cardiologists at the University Hospital of Linköping. Decision support was also the subject of a scientific study headed by researchers at the University of Linköping. The study took place in 2016 and preliminary results will be presented shortly.

Important milestone
“The announcement that the COSMIC Customer Group has approved Cambio’s decision support system for delivery is an important milestone,” says Tomas Mora-Morrison.
“The Customer Group and Cambio have collaborated in research and development for several years. Our shared ambition is that COSMIC will provide world-class healthcare support not later than 2020. We have now taken a large step forwards with the approval of the decision support system,” he explains.
As decision support can be used independently of the underlying journal system, Cambio hopes it will eventually be widely introduced in the entire Swedish healthcare sector, and in the rest of the Nordic region.
“There is also interest in the UK and the US for this type of decision support,” says Tomas Mora-Morrison.

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