Cambio CIS

Solutions for life – The best way to help clinical staff save more lives is by providing them with a comprehensive, interactive and dynamic patient-centric data overview. A holistic view with easy access to information, in any required resolution; viewing and updating what is needed in any given patient situation including relevant and customised clinical decision tools.

Cambio has developed its CIS suite of solutions across numerous hospital sites with a tried and tested implementation approach derived from multiple departments:

●   Intensive Care Units (ICU)
●   Neo-natal ICU
●   Anesthesia
●   Recovery ward

We have over 15 years’ experience in delivering results, quality and data-driven insights into a patients’ wellbeing. The Cambio solution is designed to process, manage and deliver data from more than 900 types of bedside medical devices, across multiple manufacturers, continually evolving to match the ever-increasing challenges being met by our customers.

●   Supporting the digitalisation strategy
●   Enhancing patient safety
●   Saving both cost and nursing time
●   Care standardisation
●   Interoperability with main hospital IT systems


Cambio blev grundlagt i 1993 og har siden da leveret heldækkende it-løsninger til sundhedsorganisationer. I dag er Cambio en e-sundhedsvirksomhed, der leverer smarte, pålidelige og brugervenlige løsninger til at forbedre behandlings- og patientsikkerhed med en markedsledende position i Norden og tilstedeværelse i Storbritannien, hvilket inkluderer mere end 100.000 brugere. Vi er engageret i at forbedre sundhedsvæsenet samt patientsikkerheden.
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